Design Portfolio


For the Future: A Campaign for Penn State Students

Penn State University
Travis DeCastro , Director
Daniel Robinson, Production Designer
Richard St. Clair, Costume Designer
William Kenyon, Lighting Designer
Curtis Craig, Media Designer
Media Design Team: Damian Charkiewicz
Tiffany Anguiano, Andrew Haag


Production Photographs by Daniel Robinson

Capital Campaign Top of Show

Top of Show

Capital Campaign Power of Love

The Power of Love


Capital Campaign Delorean Effect

The Delorean Effect


Capital Campaign Delorean Entrance

Delorean Entrance


Capital Campaigh Tap Dance

Tap Number


Capital Campaign Our Time

Our Time


Capital Campaign Essance of Joy

Essence of Joy


Capital Campaign Alma Matre

Alma Mater


Capital Campaign Number Reveal

The Number Reveal


Capital Campaign Closing Credits

Closing Credits