Design Portfolio


Clybourne Park

Penn State Centre Stage
Steve Broadnax , Director
Co-Scenic Designer, Rebekah Maust
Charlene Gross, Costume Designer
Jessica Holmes, Lighting Designer
Olivia Giordano, Sound Designer


Production Photographs by Daniel Robinson

Act One Set

Production Photo, Act I Full Stage


Chair and Dressing Detail

Production Photo


Stage Left Detail

Production Photo


Sofa Detail

Production Photo


Act I Rendering

Photoshop Collage of Act I Wall Configuration


ACt II Set

Production Photo, Act II


Floor Paint Elevation

Production Photo, End of Show


Act II Rendering

Photoshop Collage of Act II Wall Configuration


End of Show

Floor Paint Elevation


Arch Wall Elevation

Paint Elevation for Acrh Wall G


Stair Walls

Paint Elevation for Staircase Walls


Dining Room Walls

Pant Elevation for Act I Dining Room Walls


Dining Room Walls Destressed

Paint Elevation for Act II Dining Room Walls